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2014 Naga Textiles: Design, Technique, Meaning and Effect of a Local Craft Tradition in Northeast India. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers. (Dissertation Thesis)

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forthcoming “YouTube and the Vogue for Indigenous Folk Dance: The Case of the Sakela Dance of the Rai in Nepal and their Diasporas.” In: M. Schleiter & E de Maaker. South Asian Indigenous Culture on Screen. Bangkok.

forthcoming (with Martin Gaenszle and Alban von Stockhausen) “Increasing Materiality and Emerging Concepts of Ethnic Religious Identity: The Case of ‘Kirat Religion’ in Nepal”, for a special issue of Social Analysis, guest editor: Cameron Warner.

in print (with Alban von Stockhausen and Chatur Bhakta Rai) “Nuja: Text, Melody, and Movement of a ‘New Grain’ Ritual Performance among the Dumi Rai of Eastern Nepal”. In: M. Gaenszle (ed.), Ritual Speech in the Himalayas: Oral Texts and their Contexts. (Harvard Oriental Series). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

2018 “Dancing Who We Are: The Embodiment of Rai Ethnic Identity in Sakela Performance”. In: Social Science Baha: Conference Proceedings 2012: The Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya. Kathmandu: Social Science Baha. Pp. 271-293.
–> download pdf: Wettstein2018DancingWhoWeAre_SakelaRaiKirat

2017 “Book Review: Werner M. Egli: The Sunuwār of Nepal and their Sense of Communication: A Study in the Culture, Psychology and Shamanism of a Himalayan People”. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 142 (2017): 148-151. (Released 2018).

2017 “‘Sakhela’ – Verkörperung und Leibhaftigkeit lokaler Mythen in den rituellen Tänzen Ostnepals”. In: Armin Morich (ed.), Kosmischer Tanz: Eranos 2015 und 2016. Basel: Schwabe Verlag. S. 63-101.

2016 “How ethnic identity becomes real: The enactment of identity roles and the material manifestation of shifting identities among the Nagas”. Asian Ethnicity 17 (3): 384-399. Online 23 Oct. 2015:

2015 “The Dancers Complied, the Chicken Denied: Explorations into the Pragmatic Work of Rituals among the Dumi Rai of Eastern Nepal”. Shaman 23:1&2, spring/autumn 2015): 163-188.
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2014 Naga Textiles: Design, Technique, Meaning and Effect of a Local Craft Tradition in Northeast India. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers. (Dissertation Thesis)

2014 “Kiranti Culture in Contemporary Nepal” – workshop report. European Bulletin of Himalayan Research 44 (Spring-Summer 2014). Pp. 93-96.
–> download pfd: Wettstein2014KirantCultureWorkshopReport

2013 “Fashion Zeitgeist in Northeast India”. In: Tereza Kuldova (ed.), Fashion India: Spectacular Capitalism. Oslo: Akademika forlag. Pp. 73-88.
–> download pdf: Wettstein2013FashionZeitgeistNortheastIndia

2013 “The Ethnic Fashion Scene in Nagaland”. Archiv (Weltmuseum Wien) 61-62. Pp. 31-50.
–> download pdf: Wettstein2013EthnicFashionSceneNagaland

2013 Review: Datta, Birendranath: Cultural Contours of North-East India.2012. Anthropos (108.2013.2). Pp. 644-645.
–> download pdf: Wettstein2013ReviewDatta

2013 (with Alban von Stockhausen) “Contesting Power, Negotiating Influence: Rai Shamans and New Religious Movements in Eastern Nepal”. In: Davide Torri and Diana Riboli (eds), Shamanism and Violence. Surrey/Burlington: Ashgate Publishers. Pp. 103-118.
–> download pdf: WettsteinAndStockhausen2013ContestingPowerNegotiatingInfluence

2012 (with Alban von Stockhausen) “Connecting to the Past”. In: Julian Jacobs (ed), The Nagas: Hill Peoples of Northeast India – Society, Culture and the Colonial Encounter. Extended new edition. London: Edition Hansjörg Mayer. Pp. i-xxxi.
–> download pdf: WettsteinUndStockhausen2012ConnectingToThePast

2012 “Origin and Migration Myths in the Rhetoric of Naga Independence and Collective Identity”. In: Toni Huber and Stuart Blackburn (eds), Origins and Migrations in the Extended Eastern Himalayas. Leiden, Boston: Brill. Pp. 213-238.
–> download pdf: Wettstein2012NagaMigrationOriginMyths

2012 “Ongoing Research about Dumi Rai Culture and Tradition by the University of Vienna”. Isilim Magazine. Dumi Kirat Rai Fansikim: Kathmandu.

2009 Review: Michael Aram Tarr and Stuart Blackburn. 2008. Through the Eye of Time – Photographs of Arunachal Pradesh 1859-2006: Tribal Cultures in the Eastern Himalayas. European Bulletin of Himalayan Research no 35-36 (autumn 2009-spring 2010), p. 185-191.
–> download pdf: Wettstein2009ReviewBlackburnTarr

2008 “Der Ursprung des Webens”. In: W. Marschall, P. von Wyss-Giacosa & A. Isler (Hrsg.), Genauigkeit: Schöne Wissenschaft. Bern und Sulgen: Benteli. S. 237-239.
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2008 Naga Identitäten: Zeitenwende einer Lokalkultur im Nordosten Indiens. Gent: Snoek. (English edition: Naga Identities: Changing Cultures in the Northeast of India. Gent: Snoeck). Co-editor with Michael Oppitz, Thomas Kaiser and Alban von Stockhausen, and contributions: (with the co-editors) “Die Naga – Eine Einführung” (“The Nagas – an Introduction”) pp. 11-29 / “Besiegte Krieger, erfolgreiche Weberinnen: Männerkleidung im Wandel männlicher Identität bei den Ao Naga” (“Defeated Warriors, Successful Weavers: Or how Men’s Dress Reveals Shifts of Male Identity among the Ao Nagas”) pp. 129-146.
–> download pdf “Einführung” (German): WettsteinetAl2008_EinfuehrungNagaDE
–> download pdf “Introduction” (English): WettsteinEtAl2008TheNagasAnIntroduction
–> download pdf “Besiegte Krieger, erfolgreiche Weberinnen” (German): Wettstein2008_KriegerWeberinnenDE
–> download pdf “Defeated Warriors, Successful Weavers” (English): Wettstein2008DefeatedWarriorsSuccessfulWeavers
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2008 (with Alban von Stockhausen) “‘Kulturelle Extravaganz’ und Identitätssuche im heutigen Nagaland”, In: R. Kunz & V. Joshi (Hrsg.), Naga: Eine vergessene Bergregion neu entdeckt. (English edition: “‘Cultural extravagance’ and the search for identity in presentday Nagaland”, In: Naga: A Forgotten Mountain Region Rediscovered). Basel: Merian. Pp. 180-187
–> download pdf (English): WettsteinAndStockhausen2008CulturalExtravaganceIdentityNagaland
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2005 Jenseitswelten: Von Geistern, Schiffen und Liebhabern. Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich. Herausgeberin und Beiträge: “Eine Einführung” S. 7-9 / “Im Blickfeld der Dämonen” S. 38-41. / (mit Alban von Stockhausen) “Verstehen im Zwischenzustand” S. 33-37.

2003 (with Alban von Stockhausen) “Traditional and Modern Knowledge – two inseparable sisters” in: Isilim Magazin, Kathmandu.